Celebrating Stephen D. Bechtel Jr.

Bechtel was more than a company to Stephen Jr.  It was family.  Please share your memories of him as we celebrate his life and work. 

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To be personally successful, as I define "success," I believe one should:

  • have an outstanding character;
  • continuously strive to improve your personal performance;
  • be a team player;
  • be a positive, constructive influence, and be involved in activities around you, both inside your company and in your community;
  • be open-minded, objective, and realistic--accept change as a reality, recognizing that it offers opportunities;
  • be a visionary--focus on areas where experience and abilities can be matched by few others, strive to foresee the industries and geographic areas that will offer the greatest opportunities for long-term profit, develop a competitive, innovative mentality, and create something new, uniquely suited to your company's strengths;
  • be a hardworking participant; and
  • enjoy your work and show your enthusiasm for it. It will be infectious to those around you.

 - Stephen D Bechtel Jr.

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Steve Jr was a great man.  It was an honor to work with him - Sarah H

It was such a pleasure working with Steve.  - John R

Steve Jr. though the years