Tanks and Terminals

Bechtel brings time-tested execution experience to the engineering, procurement, fabrication, and construction of storage tanks. Our experienced team specializes in project management, design, welding, fabrication, and construction―always focused on safety and the quality of delivery. Bechtel maintains global reach with strategically located offices in Houston and London.  

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  1. Corpus Christi LNG, Gregory, TX, 160,000 m3 Full Containment LNG Tanks
  2. Queensland Curtis Island LNG, Queensland, AUS, 160,000 m3 Full Containment LNG Tanks
  3. Pennsylvania Chemicals, Monaca, PA, 30,000 m3 Full Containment Ethylene Tank and 4 Spheres

Field-Erected Storage Tanks

Bechtel specializes in the design and construction of all types of field-erected storage tanks. In the past 10 years, Bechtel has self-executed and managed more than $6 billion of storage tank projects around the world. Our expertise includes:

  • Ambient storage tanks
  • Spheres and pressure vessels
  • Low-temperature and cryogenic tanks
  • LNG and NGL tanks


Bechtel combines our storage tank and balance of plant capabilities to offer complete terminal solutions. We provide a single source of responsibility that eliminates multiple subcontract markups, reduced potential for disputes and interface issues, and provide maximum control over safety, quality, price, and schedule. Our expertise includes:

  • LNG regasification terminals
  • LNG peak-shaving and transportation facilities​

Capping Off Construction

Raising the Roof